Gamejams in Schleswig-Holstein

Entwickelt an nur einem Wochenende zusammen ein Spiel

Ein Gamejam ist ein Hackathon für Videospiele. Dabei wird in kurzer Zeit (oft 48 Stunden) ein Spiel entworfen und programmiert. Es ist also eine Art kreative Übung für alle, die an Spieleentwicklung interessiert sind – und der ideale Weg, um in einem sicheren Umfeld erste Erfahrungen mit der Spieleentwicklung zu machen, sein bestehendes Wissen auszubauen oder um sich einfach kreativ auszutoben.

Bisherige Gamejams

07.-09.06.2019 – Waterkant Gamejam 19

25.-27.01.2019 – Global Game Jam 19

13.-15.06.2018 – Waterkant Jam 18

Video vom GGJ 2019

Video vom Waterkant Jam 2019

Spiele von unseren Gamejams

Hier eine Auswahl an Spielen, welche bei unseren Gamejams entstanden sind. Die meisten Spiele sind unter den hinterlegten Links kostenlos spielbar.


You are trapped in a tower in an ice world and giant trees attack your fortification. At the bottom of the tower is your friend Lukas who is heating the fire all the time.

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Mama is about to come to check your room and she wants you to clean it. Given her overdramatic attitude, if you don’t do it on time she will beat you up with her flip-flop.

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Come Home

Come Home is a short narrative game. Home is where you’re accepted, no matter what. Even if you have screwed up big time. Ponder upon your memories how you lost touch with your family as you reuinte with them.

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Everyday Demons

Top-down horde defense shooter about the demons of everyday life.

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My Home, My Castle

Defend your home against the unknown in an environment of ever-growing fear and disaster!

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Power Maze

„Hurry up! It’s getting dark! Collect energy and move the generators to power up your house! Don’t die.“ POWER MAZE is an action puzzle game where you play a lonely home owner in the post apocalyptic future.

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Waddle Island

You have stranded on a deserted island. You are in the middle of nowhere. No recollection of what may have brought you here. No memory of your life or your family. Do you even have a family?

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Keep your load on deck and the oceans clean.

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Lawn Defender

Defend your lawn against endless waves of drunks that want to pollute your precious garden.

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Be fast and combine the food items to form recipes before the food expires!

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Wasted Away

Take on the fight against the waste.

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Infiltrate every country with your unethical waste disposal company.

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